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24Hour Callout

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Water Supply Maintenance & Services

The main water line is an underground pipe that connects every plumbing fixture in your home to your municipality water supply (or well pump). And they don’t last forever. This can be due to time, ground conditions, tree root encroachment, excessive temperatures, digging that disturbs or damages the pipe, and even just a bad initial installation.

Signs of a major water main break are obvious…you lose all water supply. But a reduction in water pressure throughout your home can be an indicator that your water service line is damaged, clogged, and/or leaking.

Our team at Lake Norman Plumbing utilizes trenchless technology to replace entire residential water service lines with minimal disturbance to a yard or landscaping features. We use only the highest quality replacement materials to ensure extra-long and maintenance-free service while providing and installing any county- or city-mandated fittings to ensure that your new water service line meets all current code standards.

When you have a water service line malfunction, you should never have to worry about who to call in such an emergency! Our fully trained plumbers arrive fully prepared to tackle any challenge, and get your system back in working order as quickly as possible! For more information, contact us or call 222-222-2222.

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