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Gas Leak Detection Service

Natural gas fuels heating and cooking appliances. Although it is a beneficial substance, it carries health and safety risks that should be taken seriously to avoid any accident. If you suspect a gas leak at your home or office, leave the building immediately and call Lake Norman, NC Plumbing without any delay.

Gas leaks occur when natural gas leaks from a pipe or another source in your home or business. Several signs indicate a gas leak. Fog, bubbling in your water, odor which may result in difficulty in breathing or the sound of whistling or a roaring noise. All these indicate a gas leakage and require immediate action.

Gas leaks pose many health and safety concerns that should not be ignored. Exposure to the gas can cause severe headaches, breathlessness, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, confusion, irritability, poor memory, loss of physical coordination, loss of consciousness, and even death. Gas leaks can also result in large, destructive, and even deadly explosions with the smallest of sparks.

Whether it is a gas leak or a regular problem with your gas line, Lake Norman Plumbing’s plumbers can repair it in no time, leaving you with a peace of mind and ensuring your safety.

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