In most homes, the bathroom is arguably the most hectic room in the house. Between baths, showers, flushes, and hand washings, the plumbing in your bathroom get a lot of use every day – and that means sooner or later, you’ll need to consider replacing it.

Families with children know how messy bathrooms can get. Towels on the floor, water everywhere, toothpaste on the walls.  Hey, let’s be honest, this can happen with just adults in the household too, but there are ways to tame the mess by making smart design decisions.


His & Hers Basin

Having two sinks in a family bathroom is either a nice little luxury, or a total relationship-saver, depending on how much your schedules overlay, how well you share space when they do, and just how messy you both are.


Sunken Bathtub

And as the sunken bath’s tub is encircled from all the four sides, its outer surface is left unfinished. This significantly decreases its costs, making it an affordable yet fashionable option for bathrooms.


Fitted Lighting

One thing we are always on the hunt for is great sconces and fixtures for bathroom lighting. It’s such a simple way to modernize a bathroom. You can spend a lot or a little, and get a great appearance either way.