At Lake Norman Plumbing, we recognize that your business requires HVAC system(s) to work at all times so there are no obstructions to the daily procedures. It is most mattering that your employees and customers are in a protected and healthy environment while in your business. Routine maintenance of your HVAC equipment not only keeps utility bills in check but can extend the life of your heating system for up to 3 years! We will set up pre-scheduled Maintenance Tune-Ups that work around your hours of operation to aid in your efforts to keep your business running smoothly.


Gas Stovetops

Any leak can be dangerous, but not all leaks produce gas in an extensive enough volume to be detected by smell. The volume of gas release occurring from some tiny leaks is scattered into the surrounding air before the odor reaches your nose. Therefore, you need to test your gas appliances regularly for gas leaks.


Sinks & Drainage

The sink is a fundamental feature of kitchens and bathrooms and is responsive to getting clogged drains. Having a clogged sink or a leaking sink gets in the way of your household or restaurant routine and causes a major inconvenience when this plumbing fixture is not operating properly. Sometimes you may need to replace your entire sink and our professionals are ready to serve you with sink installation in extension to our sink repair services.


Ventilation Fixings

Restaurants have unique ventilation demands. Besides the need to control food odors and reduce smoke and fumes from the cooking process, most restaurants have multiple well-defined areas, each of which presents its own HVAC challenges.